Trevor by Lee Heise / Daddy!

Trevor was born on July 8. 1990 and came into my life on July 9, 1990, when I picked him up for the first time he went pee in the palm of my hand and at that moment a bond was set in motion that was never to be broken. I watched as he grew and his Love for me grew each day and my Love for him grew each day also. He grew into a well mannered and gentle adult, and no matter where we went or where we stayed he was fine as long as I was there with him. I never thought of myself as his master but as his Daddy and he was my (Baby) Trevor, we were pals, buddies, and companions for each other for life.

Time passed and the years slipped away and I watched as he grew tired, his hearing left him, and his vision dimmed, and on that sad day of April 19, 2006 I had to let him go. It was the hardest thing that I have ever done and my Heart was broken and the tears flowed down my face and still do. I know that he is in a better place now the Good Lord has seen to that, and I know one of these days we will be reunited together once again and the tears of sadness will turn to tears of joy.

I want to thank you Trevor for your devoted Love for me and all the joy you brought to me and for you to know that Daddy will never forget, and that I still Love you and I always will. So until we meet again Baby Daddy knows that you Love him to.


I Love You Trevor,
Lee Heise