Trixie by Alexa Garrett / Alexa

I was given my dog trixie when I was four. She stayed in my life until I turned 22. She was my best friend, the only sister I had. She was the most human dog I have ever seen. She was there for me through divorce, moving, ex-boyfriends, car accidents, etc. She left me suddenly, although I was there up until the end.

The weird thing is, I think that she knew that I would be ok. I just got the job of my dreams, moved, and will be getting married soon. For some reason I feel like she chose her time to go. I miss you, Trixie, I love you so much and I can’t imagine you have been there for me all of my life.
I will see you, Trix, and we will throw the ball.


Always in my heart and on my mind,
25, Mar 2003
Alexa Garrett