Trixie by Jill Thompson / Jill (the not so furry sister)

I got Trixie a few months before I turned 5, she was a gift from my dad. (He passed away in 2006, rest in peace Dad). Ever since then Trixie and I were so close. We played, shared popsicles, everything. She was such a great dog. The best dog I have ever had. Seeing her in pain as she got older was so hard… and even harder holding her as her spirit made its way to heaven… I know it was for the best. And while typing this I am fighting tears. Being 20 years old and saying goodbye to her after being in my life for 16 years was and still is so heart breaking.. But I know she is out of pain, and I will see her again one day, just as happy as she was back in her best years. Rest in peace my lil Tiggs, me, Ozzy, Puppy, and G-maw are going to miss you baby!!


Forever in my heart,
Jill Thompson