Trixie by Naomie / peace

Well I first meet Trixie, when my neighbor asked if I would like to have her, as her son was badly mistreating her, so I said yes.
I brought her home and she spent the first two weeks under my bed, would not eat; she would hiss spit, alsorts at you. I thought we where making a big mistake by having her,
until one day she started to come out.
I would sit on the floor quitely and wait after a while,
she did start coming out.

As the years went on we were best of friends,
she never liked anyone else apart from me; she would sleep in my bed under the covers all night.
She always knew when I was sad.

Then the day came when she was slipping away from me, and I could not do any thing for her.
Trixie was always there for me, and helped me when I needed it, and I couldn’t help her at all.
She never even let me cuddle her in her hour of need.

Trixie used all the strength she had to move away from me. She never wanted me to see her in her last hours; she’s now buried in our garden now, and I still miss her, the way she would let me talk to her. She always knew what I was talking about.

I miss her companionship very very much. I love her.


Loved one,