Tusmura by Unknown / All those at Shelter Rescue

Tusmura was a wonderful dog that someone abandoned at a shelter in Georgia. Unfortunatly for Tusmura, this was a high kill shelter that used gas chambers. This dog was so incredibly sweet and so submissive. He’d lay on his back and go into submissive state if you went near his kennel, and loved to give kisses.

Tusmura was placed up for adoption on February 8th 2006. A rescue group was supposed to take him on February 10th 2006, if he was not adopted. Unforunatly for Tusmura, and 6 other animals at the shelter, one of the workers decided the time was up for these animals, and put them in the gas chamber… to die a slow, scary, painful death. There was no paticular reason he did this, he just felt like it. So these animals were given less than 24 hours to be adopted.

Tusmura died on February 9th 2006. He died because someone was so irresponsible. He died a shameful death for no reason. Please spay and neuter your pets.

Tusmura, you did not die in vain. We will always remember you for the great dog we knew you were. Go in peace, sweet angel, and enjoy that Rainbow Bridge.


With Love,
9, Feb 2006