Tyler Blackie Walker by Symphony Christine Walker / but I will never forget you.

I’m home schooled and it was lunch time. A friend of my Pa’s had called to see if we wanted to came to huddle house for lunch. We said sure and we started to leave our block. When we made it to the end of the block we saw something in the road. We didn’t know what it was so we stopped the car and pa went to see what it was. He picked it up and brought it back, it was a newborn kitten(well maybe a week old) it’s eyes weren’t open neither were it’s ears.

He pooped on the passenger so I got to hold him. We brought him home and put him in a carrier outside and went to lunch. When we got back we took him inside and wandered what we would call him. Pa said we couldn’t keep him though. I suggested Blackie, since I always wanted to name a black kitty Blackie. He said no. So he named him Tyler because we found him on Tyler St.. So we named him Tyler Blackie Walker. I didn’t want to name him Tyler because that was the guy I had a crush one’s name. We went to WalMart and got some kitten milk and a bottle.

Leslie fed him at first and then I did. We had to bathe him to get all the poop off him whenever he had to go to the bathroom. He licked to climb up your shoulder with his claws. His nickname is Ty-Ty. We put him on the floor and let him toddle around for a bit. He would always fall though. Pa said that in a couple weeks when he was older we had to give him away. I was alright with it at first. He was growing quickly. His eyes and ears opened and he still tried to toddle around a bit. We had him in a little basket and let him play in it.

A friend brought over some toys for him to play with and everyone loved him. Pa was upset because he didn’t want to keep paying for milk and bottles. Tyler would mew super loudly. We decided to celebrate his birthday on mine, since we found him about a week after my birthday and he was about a week old. He started to want to climb out of the basket, but never completely did. One day I put him in the basket on the couch and went to get myself something to drink. When I was pouring God said check on him. I immediately stopped pouring(the drink wasn’t even filled) and ran in there Tyler wasn’t in the basket i looked behind the couch scared to death and there he was. I picked him up and he was okay. I put him in the basket and took him in there with me. I got him some milk and fed him. When he was a little older we had him out of the basket and let him walk around.

Whenever I left a room or went into the bathroom he would start mewing at the door at the top of his lungs till I got back. When we were at WalMart Leslie and I begged God to let us keep him, since if two people pray together it will happen if it pleases God. Well, when Pa was teaching me he told Leslie to take Tyler to the ASPCA. She did and I cried. Pa told me to stop because he had let us keep him that long. He thought I was being silly. Leslie came back and said that they wouldn’t take him. I was happy about that. I would always have to pick the crust out of his eyes.

We found out that his father was a cat up on Tyler st. ( a stray) named Jack. So his half-brothers were Odirico, Canada, Renea and Stripe, John Jr., Kitty and his real brother(also stray which we found out after Tyler died) is Ash fur. When Grandma an I were at church, Pa called and said Leslie was finding a home for Tyler. I didn’t even
get a chance to say bye.

When we got home Leslie was crying holding Tyler. She had fallen down the brick stairs on Tyler. Pa checked him out and Tyler was fine. I held him and fed him making sure my baby was okay. We decided to keep Tyler and let him stay. Pa and I showed him how to eat kitten food and Tyler learned quickly. I put a pink doll outfit on Tyler and put him in a purse. We had fun. Later we let Tyler outside.

We watched him the entire time and his brother Odirico came and would not leave his side. A few months later Tyler ran partly up a tree Odirico ran right up there after him. Hey both jumped down and played. My friend and I were playing with Tyler in her back yard and Tyle ran up the tree. He got stuck on the top branch. I jumped off to catch him and Lacey climbed the tree.

He picked him up and asked if I was ready I said hold on, but she miss understood me she dropped him and he landed on me. He was alright though. We put a green flea collar on him when he was older. Around Christmas I made a kitty ornament for him with his name on it. I held him and said,”Ty-Ty like your ornament each year mommy will make you your own special ornament.” That was the last year he got an ornament. I held him outside awhile it was snowing and smiled at him and said that this was his first snow.

After Christmas Tyler was bad s I put him on the roof(that’s where we kept some of the kitties, he other kitties could jump down but he didn’t know how to. That’s where I took the one picture of him by himself. Grandma tried to comb him and he was hissing at her. I took him and combed him and he calmed, but then he was still mad. I took him downstairs and laid beside him on the couch. He fell asleep in my arms. Soon we had our birthday party. We had friends over and we played outside. I gave him a special treat.

Our birthday party was on the day before our birthday. On our birthday I wished him happy birthday and when fishing. On March 29th I couldn’t find him. I had no clue where he was. The next day Sunday afternoon, I was walking with Pa to the garage and saw something beside the brick wall. It was Tyler. I screamed. He had been hit by a car the day before. I held him crying saying,”My baby, My baby” Come back. We buried him. That is the end of the story of my son Tyler. I will never forget you.


The heart will go on,
Tyler Blackie Walker
Symphony Christine Walker