TYSON by Mark & Tina McGrew / Mommy, Daddy, Tara, Vince and Zach.

We met Tyson on Sunday, June 12th, 2005. A couple found him * his siblings behind an office building abandoned by their mother. Oh were they all gorgeous!!! We immediately became attached to CHEWEY, as he was named. We got him home, and after seeing his personality, we changed his name to Tyson== he liked to bite other dogs ears, if you remember the famous TYSON/HOLYFIELD EAR BITING FIGHT? Tyson was one of a kind. He was sweet, loving, & protective, and never asked for anything in return. We gave him all the love we had * he gave back 10 times more. Tyson was my everything, he was a true mama’s boy. He loved his daddy, & going fishing & to Walmart with daddy, & he loved our kids, but there was no one like mama. If he could not find me, he would go from room to room, whimpering * crying until he found me. With his passing, our lives have changed forever, & will not be the same. He was one in a million. Tyson will be forever missed, * so much more. We love you so much Tyson!!!!


Mark & Tina McGrew