Venus by Jeff,Roseann and Ryan / Jeff, Roseanna and Ryan

Venus even if we disobeyed you some times we will always love you!

7 years ago I went to the dog breeder to pick out my Lhasa Apso dog. The breeders told us that we have to 7 weeks to take her home. One morning I woke up and I heard a bark and it was Venus, a little blonde puppy that was adorable. Over her years she was a very active dog. Over 7 years we loved her and enjoyed her. She was always a very healthy dog.

Venus did not pass away, she ran away and never came back. She left us August 1st, 2002 and she never came back. But we suspected that she passed. But our search is still on to find her.


We Love You Venus,
Jeff,Roseann and Ryan