Vinnie by Roger and Lois Anderson / Roger and Lois

For my birthday, Roger promised me a Golden Retriever puppy. We answered an add in the paper and they had two left. When they let the puppies out, one went heading across the yard but Vinnie ran right over to us. We both said, “We’ll take him!”
I’m a huge fan of the country singer, Vince Gill, and that’s where he got his name. His real name is Prince Vince but we called him Vinnie.
He went everywhere with us. Oh how excited he would get when we said the word,”walk,” or “ride”. He would look so sad at us from his kennel if he couldn’t go along.
Even though he was my dog, he was Roger’s best friend. If Roger was away, Vinnie would lay and wait, watching up the road, for his truck to come. And boy, was he happy to see him!
He was such a good and lovable dog. Always there with his head on your lap waiting for you to pet him. And if you stopped he would nuzzle his nose under your hand to tell you he wanted more.
It was so hard to watch him grow weaker and weaker. And through painful tears we had to say goodbye. It was the hardest thing we ever had to do.
There could never be another dog like our Vinnie, so it’s just the two of us now. We will miss him forever!


No other dog could come close to taking your place in our hearts! We love you!
Roger and Lois Anderson