Waiting For Spring – by Sabrina / Triple L Farm

I owned this mare less than a year but felt like I had known her much longer. I begged my husband for her for months. As soon as I saw her, I knew I had to have her. She had a beautiful coat that was so shiny even when she was dirty, she seemed to glow. She was very sweet and loved my daily pats and hugs. This awesome mare never minded me playing or working with her babies.

She just seemed to understand that everything I did with her was for a reason. She left me a beautiful little filly that cost her the very breath of her life. Thanks Wendy for giving me your all and I promise to honor your memory through your filly, Hope.

We love our Wenwen. My dear husband that said “no” to her so many times wept beside me as she died. I selfishly begged for her life as she died because I knew she was going. I would have given her baby in exchange for her life but I know now that there is a reason that Wendy had to go. Maybe she had to take care of some other mare’s foal up in heaven because being a mother is what she did best.


Waiting For Spring -