Wally by Kirk, Denise, Kaylee and Connor / Your Family

Wally came to us when he was 6 weeks old. It was my husband’s idea to get a dog.When I first met him he fell asleep in my arms. It took a little getting used to having a dog around again. He loved playing with his Uncle, Abe, who lived next door. Abe had a swimming pool to play in. We took him to puppy class and he learned fast and did very well. He met a friend named Keyser in his class.
We moved in May 04 and he adjusted very well. He loved his new back yard and tormenting the neighbors dogs. Wally loved attention and would not let us rest without petting him. He loved our kids and was very patient and kind to them. They would pull his tail and he would start chasing it, round and round he would go. Wally was not yet 1 year old when he had to be put to sleep. He suddenly had a seizure and we have no idea what happened. The vet said he had brain damage from the seizure and he would never be the same. It all happened too fast.

Wally is still with us in our hearts and he will always be there.


We miss you Wally,
Kirk, Denise, Kaylee and Connor