Wednesday by Bridget and Lee stute / Mominy and Granpaa

Wednesday came in to our lives on Aug. 13th 1995, and showed us what unconditional love really was. Her rambunctious energy was a joy to behold, and her beautiful eyes were like seeing what Heaven must be like! She chose my wife as the one she would be the closest to, and would wait by the front window, at the same time every day for my wife to come home.On Nov. 5th, 2000 my wife passed away, yet Wednesday would sit by that window and still wait.

Wednesday was such a great companion to my daughter and me, always there to give of herself,whether it was kiss or a hug. She became ill around the last week of August, and on Sept. 4th at 1:30 am she took her last breath,with her loving family at her side!


Sweetpea we miss and love you so much,
Bridget and Lee stute