Whiney by Bethany / Love,

Gunny, Scrappy and Bethany

The night of January 26, 2004. Midnight. I wrapped my arms around her. Gently I kissed her “I love you Whiney,” I whispered. Whiney had heartsworms she had them for many years. But now they were killing her and there was little we could do. She was bloating her heart was failing. Her once glistering eyes were dull.

Her once highly held head was low. Her breathing was gurgley. As if water were in her lungs. She couldn’t lay or sit. It only made it harder for her to breath. She painfully stood there in the dim light head low eyes half shut. She was so tired. But she couldn’t rest. I’d seen it a many a time on war shows mostly, but I never knew it be this hard…. this hard to watch your best friend suffer so knowing their faith and theres nothing you can do. All through the night I hugged and
kissed her told her I loved her.

Cause deep down in side I knew I was spending my last hours with her. I couldn’t stand to see her suffer any more. Then 7:00 am
her suffering was ended.


She was at peace at last.