Whiskey by Haylee Maggard / Haylee

Our big boy named Whiskey ran away on my birthday. It is New Years and he still has not come back. We got him at the Elmore Humane Shelter and he was the best pet ever. He was 10 years old when he left us. He and his brothers and sisters had been dumped in the dumpster behind the Elmore Humane Shelter when they were just kittens. His mama was not with them. My mother looked at all of the kittens and knew that he was just right for our family.
She got him before I was even born.

He was a once in a lifetime pet. The way he left us is that my sister and I were at our grandparents house and my mom was at home. Our waterslide was left on at home and my mom woke up because she heard the water running. When Mom got up to turn off the water, Whiskey went with her. After she turned off the water she stood at the door and asked Whiskey if he was coming back inside with her. He just sat in the middle of the backyard, so she went back into the house without him. The next morning when we got home from our grandparents’ house we asked where Whiskey was. My mom said that he was probably still outside. We looked and looked for him.

Two weeks passed and he did not come home – we knew something was terribly wrong. We checked the Montgomery and Elmore Humane Shelters, but no Whiskey. Five months later my mom got on pet finder.com and she clicked on Elmore Humane and there was a picture of a cat that looked just like Whiskey. They named him Bullet and said that he had just walked into the back door of an Emerald Mountain home. My mom and I jumped into the car and headed to the shelter. When we got there the lady let us hold the cat – he looked just like Whiskey. We put him back in the cage and he played with the switch that locked the cage. That’s how we knew he was all kitty so he couldn’t be Whiskey because Whiskey doesn’t like to play. Now it’s been six months and still no sign. Christmas just passed and Whiskey was not home. I still know that Whiskey is alive in my heart.


With love,
Haylee Maggard