Whisky by Anne Scott / A Loving Mummy & Daddy xx

In Oman, Muscat you were born.
A beautiful black and white Arabic kitten.
Our first cat had died and our hearts were torn.
But we knew that we just adored this little kitten.

He loved to play with his little toy mouse.
Jumping, prancing and leaping everywhere.
Upstairs, downstairs and all around the house.
Including skating around in our marble floor stair.

An enormous appetite he certainly portrayed.
He would run to his bowl at full speed.
Seeing his reflection in his water totally amazed.
He would put paw in and drink with the utmost of greed.

He made great friends with the Jebel hound next door.
Both loved to play in the midday sun.
Finally tired and could run no more.
Both fell fast asleep having had lots of fun.

Finally living in Bristol he certainly was a happy boy.
He loved life and everyone adored him.
We worshipped him with heartfelt joy.
He was always very alert and certainly never dim.

We have cried and cried since his sudden passing.
But the memories we have are surely the best.
All around we can still hear his miaowing.
With God he has now found eternal rest.


In Loving Memory of our Beloved and
Precious Cat Whisky.
13, Dec 2003
Anne Scott