Willy by Gary & Margie Burks / Mom & Dad

Today, January 6, 2006 our little Willy passed away. He was in his mothers arms. He was in such pain from an enlarged heart and was having trouble breathing, it was truly a blessing that he left us.

We are happy that he is not suffering any longer. We had just made an appointment for 2:00 pm with the Vet to have him put down. But his little heart gave out at home at 11:45am. He was such a good dog
to the very end.

When we got him on Nov. 1, 1990, he was just a little black ball of fur and would not ever sit still, he was a ball of fire.

He will now meet his sister at the Rainbow Bridge and they will both be so happy to see each other. They haven’t seen each other in a year and a half, since June of 2003.

At night, in bed, he would cuddle up to me with is back to my back.
For such a little thing (7 lbs) he sure took up a lot of bed space.

All the years we had him were really good years. He loved people and would go right up to them and greet them. The only time he barked at someone was when they were outside the house. When they would come in he would stop barking and wanted to be their friend.

I trained him when is was a young pup and to his last day he would obey my hand signals. He could not hear or see very well towards the end.

So, goodbye Willy, we love you and will miss you so much. We will be thinking of you until we meet you in heaven.


We love you and have fun with Maggie!
Gary & Margie Burks