Winkie by Aunty Kerri / Aunty Kerri

To My Mister Winkums,

The sweet little left-behind piggie
Your blindness made people blind to your sweet perfection
We loved you from the first moment we saw you
Loved you then, and love you still
Now you’re gone, and there’s a hollow in my heart
My little Quasimodo, ringing your bell when you needed or wanted something, and cooing when we came to get you
Begging for kissies, until you had enough
Letting me cradle you like a baby, and cuddling by your beloved Grandma’s neck
The sweet little moments I’ll miss the most
Thank you for being in my life
Thank you for letting me love you
Thank you for letting your big sister play mommy
Take my love with you, and know how much I love you
No one could ever take the place of my precious baby boy
Sleep with the angels, Winkie-boy
I’ll see you in the next life…


All My Love, Now and Forever,
28, Dec 2002
Aunty Kerri