Winston by Kathleen / Your mom

Our beloved dog, Winston, began losing weight and energy and passing blood in the summer. Winston was only six years old, a happy, delightful and loving pet. He was a great watch dog and protector
of all despite his small size.

I took him to the vet and he was diagnosed and treated for colitis. He would improve but the symptoms returned and he began vomiting as well. The vet stuck with the diagnosis and one
of the medications used was prednisone.

In early November, he became so ill, we rushed him to an emergency vet hospital. To make a long story short, he was diagnosed with gastrointestinal lymphoma. This is rare and the best treatment is chemotherapy along with prednisone. Unfortunately, because he was already on prednisone and had lost a lot of weight,the chances of chemo working were decreased. We gave it a try and had 2 good weeks. He gained weight and strength and we were hopeful. After the third chemo, all went wrong.

He was very ill and was treated in hospital with the hope it was a reaction to the chemo but after 6 miserable days, it was clear the tumours were growing, he was weak and in pain with heavy hearts,after a precious day at home, we put him to sleep. We miss him so much.

Please, if your dog has these symptoms, get a second opinion and ask for an ultrasound. We could have had our wonderful dog for a longer time if I had know this.


My arms ache to hold you my dog boy.