Winter Rose by Marilyn and Greg / Mom

The Rose Of Winter

From the moment I first saw you
You looked at me with love
I knew that God had sent you to me
for companionship from above.

Your short tail was just wagging with glee
and you kept on jumping and nipping my knee.
Your beautiful salt and pepper coat shone in the light
And you tried hard as a puppy could
to make me stay the night.

I went back to get you and the sign on the door said “I’m going home for Christmas.” and I cried out with dread.
I thought I had lost you my soulmate, my girl
Than daddy came home with you in a blanket you unfurled.
The tears ran down my cheeks I was so full of Joy
and you licked them away with your own abundant joy.
You stayed with me for close to 14 years
But in the end you could not lick away sorrowful tears.
I miss you my baby each night and each day
but I know that you’re safe and not in pain do you lay.
Your playing and romping and running with glee
With Seiben and Poco you are finally free.
I’ll see again one day I still pray
Than we all can go for our walks everyday.
I’ll hug you and kiss you, one and all this is true
We’ll all be so happy it will just be like new.
For God will not separate our love warm and tender.
He brought us togather as you will remember.
But for now my little loves I have to stay here.
Going on without you I hardly can bear.
Just watch for me babies I soon will be home
Than togather we will always roam.


Missing you madly,
Winter Rose
13, July 2002
Marilyn and Greg