Woo by Marla / Momma

Woo The Perfect Gift

No one could known the heartaches
that would come my way.
Sometimes it was a challenge to face another day.

God with his perfect understanding
knew what I needed to deal with what life was handing

God gave me the perfect gift to see me through,
a loving friend to help me though life’s crippling bends.

You were God’s hand that stroked my hair
you gave my life love when no-one else was there.

You and I a perfect fit, you were God’s hand picked
perfect gift.

Even when you reached your final night
you still came to tell me it’s alright

So soon, so quickly you were gone
I pray God now holds you in his palm

My perfect gift you’ll always be
I now must trust what God has in store for me.

I’ll never forget my perfect fit.
For you were God’s hand picked perfect gift.


I will always remember you my little and
most dear friend.
21, Sep 2005