The Kingdom of Heart

The Soul of an Animal – Excerpt from ‘The Kingdom of Heart’, Patty Luckenbach, M.A., D.D.

“I believe minerals, plants, and animals are of the Love-Intelligence known as God.  Therefore, I believe each animal has a soul.  All animals are connected to the center of the great circle of life just as we humans are connected to that great circle.  I believe that when the body is no longer a suitable residence for the soul, the soul, knowing its own immortality, moves from this life dimension to inherit a new form of life.  Our transformation or death process is also a birth process; the labor pains of birthing move us into a great dimension of eternal life.  Every life form has a window of departure into the greater dimensions.  All animals have this window just as we humans do.  Dogs are aware of their connection to God.  Unlike most humans, they have never forgotten or lost it.  The angels, ascended masters, and even our own soulfulness know of the oneness with God and all other beings.  We humans are desperately trying to remember these connections.

Our precious animals live in the present moment and are attuned to their instinctual connection with life.  They do not have the ego attachments, acquired beliefs that demonstrate as habit and conditional love, that humans have.  Animals help us to connect to our spiritual intuition.  So above, so below, they know we live in a field of unity.  They are aware of the organic connection to the greater weave and tapestry of life.  The animals have not forgotten the kingdom of love for it is their intuition and instinctual birthright to be a part of the greater whole. “

Love is a feeling that transcends death and brings hope for a new day. I love you Wyatt.
Peggy Sinclair