Xena by Nikki Baker / Your mommy Nikki

I was in fourth grade and still getting over my parents divorce, I wasn’t a very happy child and I was very self-conscious. My mom promised me a Siamese kitten for my birthday, but the humane societies were out.

That one day I was assigned to buy fish food for the class aquarium. While I was waiting for my mom to pick me up a girl brought out a beautiful calico kitten that she had shown to her class, from her cats litter, who was looking for a home.

I walked over and she said it was okay to pet her and once I touched her she started purring. Before my mom had arrived she left with the kitten. Later, my mom picked me up and took me to the pet store.

At the pet store there was the girl with the kitten buying cat food, it was fate! I asked my mom if I could get her she said “no you are gonna get a Siamese” I said “I don’t care this one is better I can tell just look at her” My mom went over and when she saw her she thought she was so beautiful she said yes. Then I got her she never stopped purring I raised her to be a wonderful cat. She thought I was her mother and followed me everywhere even outside.

She slept under covers even just like a human. She was a highlight in my life she made me happy. She always knew how I was feeling and when I was sad she would sit in my lap and never get off until I was better shed just purr and look at me with her angelic eyes. Because of her I’m not as unhappy and I have more friends. I miss her horribly. She was hit by a car at night by someone who didn’t care.

I miss her sooo much.
She deserved to live more than any human.
I love you forever
your mommy Nikki


I love you forever,
Nikki Baker