Zeb Lambert by Berri L / Love,

When Zeb was born his mother didn’t want him, so with a bottle in hand he became my third child. With hourly feedings, and taking him to a babysitter he was all it was. Strong as a horse he grew; he loved to go ridding with his daddy. He became very sick one day, so we packed up and took him to the doctor. He had kidney failure, hooked up to IV’s he was soom what better.

We didn’t want his last days spent in a hospital. He came home with his meds. He was so happy. He had went outside to use the bathroom and for some reason he ran onto the road and truck hit him. It was like he known that it was coming. He looked up at me and his eyes said it all.

There was nothing that the doctors could do, so we had to say good-bye to our third children. He well always be with us no matter what…


Gone but not forgotten...
Zeb Lambert
Berri L