I saw his image again just now
Walking just ahead.
He was moving with
that graceful gate
The image of a steed.

Loyalty – he defined it
Loving – so much heart
Playful – always happy
Ready – from the start

The way you came into my life
The great story of that day
You came you stayed you lived
we loved you left
Too suddenly.

Sitting – ever waiting
Laying – head on chest
Watching – ever mindful
Fetching – never rest

His eyes had such expression.
He could move you with a look.
We had no troubles talking.
You read me like a book.

Caring – oh so gentle
Perceiving – he just knew
Protective – he could scare you
Comforting – through and through

In the river in the woods
That daffodil field you graced.
I took you there and
you took to me
And every one every thing
every place

Gifted – you were to me
Smart – beyond compare
Handsome – such a beauty
Willing – to go anywhere

You let me know when it was time.
GodÆs mission for you complete.
In the end as I watched you go
Just our touch not our eyes
would meet.

Running – oh so handsome
Riding – in the rear
Sniffing – what a sniffer!
Breathing – in my ear

I saw his image again just now.
Hello olÆ friend of mine
You touched me deeply
I loved you so
My gift from the Divine

by John Giannico

A poem I wrote in memory of my great dog Zeke who died in September 1999. He was a chocolate lab/Weimaraner cross that my wife and I rescued when he was about 6 months old. He was 11 when we had to put him to sleep due to cancer. Everyone who met him said how good looking he was and how intense. He is sorely missed.

My wife and I were in deep sorrow when we first lost him. It lasted months. I still cry sometimes when I think about him over two years later. We did get a new buddy about a year afterwards. Now we love our new dog Simon. He is a pure Weimaraner and had many health problems early on. He is the recipient of much love
as well as our cat Cosmo.

To those grieving the loss of a pet or other close animal I offer this. Let it out. Do not be ashamed to cry to mourn deeply. I am a big guy and I havenÆt wept for any human being IÆve lost as much as I did when Zeke died. These animals have a way of getting to our hearts. ItÆs no mistake that they do. They are precious gifts. So let it go. Share your grief with others too and seek counseling if you are having a particularly hard time of it. And know this there will be better days ahead. And when the time is right for you consider taking on another animal. They are good for us and they need us too.

John Giannico
Spotsylvania VA


3, Sept 1999