Zeus by Patti Robbins / Moma

The first time I saw Zeus I knew that I was in trouble.I knew I wanted a boxer for many reasons, but most of all for the facial expressions that boxers are known for. When the time came to go take a look at his litter, I just stood back and said come here baby and all these pups came running, except this fat boy who set there with his head tilted side ways and I fell in love that very momment.

Our family was small, my husband and our 25 yr.old son, so Zeus became the family baby. He was three months old when something very strange started happening. Zeus started eating any bug that he could get to. In the window they would come and he was like a large cat, a very large cat. On it he would be.That’s when he became moma’s bug.

He was so very smart. we could never hide from him, for just one ( go find brother ) would set him off and brother he would find. Bug never left my side in seven yrs. If I couldn’t take him, I didn’t go.

Christmas was always so big for us. We put up four trees and never did he ever touch a tree, but the gifts were always open game! We tried putting his up, but that didn’t work he still opened everything else.

In Oct. of this year bug got very sick and I took his to his vet. After many test, they found out that he had cancer and there wasn’t anything that we could do. I needed time with him and they put him on prednisone to give me that time. Prednisone and the good lord gave me time to say goodbye to my bug, but time doesn’t teach your heart to stop breaking when its over. People say “it’s for the best” and things like that, and it was and my head says that too, but my heart says “Bug don’t leave me,moma still needs to wrap her arms around you”.

Bug was apart of my heart; he was my baby and will always be my baby. His vet gave me a book when we found out that he had cancer called (living with pets with cancer) that took two weeks for me to read, because it hurt to read it, but it did let me know things that I needed to know. The book said that the greatest gift I could give him was to be with him and hold him when the time came to let him go.

Christmas 2005 blinded with tears I held him to me and told him over and over I loved him with all my heart as he went to sleep for the last time. Zeus will never be replaced for my heart will not ever be put thur that again. He was and will always be a part of me. I still feel him at my feet in bed at night for that will always be his place and my heart will always love and hurt for my bug.


Patti Robbins