Ziggy by Susie

We Miss You So Much

I can hardly believe it’s been a whole year.
Still often I feel your presence so near.
Zackary feels the same way too
Not a day goes by he doesn’t speak of you.
I believe he misses you
almost as much as I do.
He tries really hard to be brave
very hard does he try
But he can’t hold it back and
he begins to cry.
Whenever he speaks of you
he’ll say “Ziggy by brother”.
See! You’ll always be
his brother and my son and
I’ll forever be your loving Mother.
We will always love you and
never could we forget
Your cute wrinkley face
And we both pray that you are waiting for
Us in a much better place.
We miss you so much it still hurts.

Mom & Zackary
August 29 2000


29, Aug 1999