Zipper by Rayleen C. / Rayleen

My friend, his name was Zipper. We were the greatest of friends, but when I started getting older, I’ll say right when I hit about mid 12, maybe 13, I started avoiding him a little bit more at a time, but a week before he died, I had a feeling that I needed to make more memories, so I tried, but I had softball practice taking up all of my time, and the last day I ever saw him, was when I came home from a pizza party and, he was laying in the yard half dead. He couldn’t move his neck to make it straight, and he couldn’t get up, his eyes were all foggy.

I don’t see what went wrong. He was fine that morning, so we took him to the emergency vet in Vancouver, they wouldn’t do much with out money ahead of time. He went in to cardiac aresst (heart attack) two times. They then asked me if I wanted to see him, because they said he was dead, and I saw him. I put my hand on him and he was still breathing and the doc. tried to tell me it was his muscles making him breath, and she checked for a heart beat just to make me feel better, and he had one. They took him in and he died. We buried him in my mom’s garden, and his heart will always be mine!!!!


I love you, zipper.
Rayleen C.