Zipper by The Foxwell-Wilson family / Mom, and siblings

We had been wanting a dog for a while and I had always wanted a hotdog-dog (I called the dachshund this). After looking around town, we had no luck. Finally, one day I had taken off work and went to another state to search. I found the perfect dog/friend. We purchased him, got the right food, right collar, water bowl etc. I carried him home in my lap, with the seatbelt over both of us. He shook with not sure if fear or being cold, but he did not move or make a sound. The kids were over joyed, excited and did not take their eyes of him for days. We decided in the car that day, that his name would be Zipper. He was a delight; he was a mini version, but had a big heart.

One day, while my son was in the yard with his cousin, the had a great idea to let him off the leash. We are off the road quite a bit, but Zipper headed for the road full speed. I was not outside that day, and I wish I had been so that maybe this would have been prevented. He was hit by a car, which threw him onto the side of the road. My son came in screaming and scared. I went outside, it was just getting dark and found my wonderful doggie had been taken from me. I cried and carried him up the driveway, I was sick and sad all in one breath. We buried him in the back yard and each year we put a wreath in that area showing our love for him. I was so upset that the next day I took off work and could not get out of the house for a week. I still remember that cute little tail, short little legs, and big heart. I loved and still love Zipper. He is missed daily and will be in my heart and on my mind always. We were blessed to have him the short time we did, and he is with God, playing ball and
with my dad in heaven.


With all my heart and HUGS!!
The Foxwell-Wilson family