Zoey by Bonnie and Dan Neaves / Mommy and Daddy

Zoey, it has been 4 days since that terrible day, if only I could touch or hold you one more time to stop this pain in my heart. Our time together was much too short and it hurts. We can’t get through a single day without crying; you made such a big impression on us. When we had to put Cody down you stepped up to the plate and you made us so proud, just a little over a month between the passing of both if you is more than we can handle at this time.

Cody was almost 16 years young, but you my baby girl were only 17 months old, so much love to give and get and now it is all gone. Cody has one more job to do and that is to take care of you. You two run and play and just like you did here. We miss you both sooo much; we are so grateful you came into our lives as you gave Cody an extra year because you made him feel young with all your energy, as for Chewy he misses you so much; he lays in your kennel and we know he misses laying with you. I kiss one of your pictures everynight. I walk around the house saying your name I wish this was all a bad dream because I just want to open my eyes and see your beautiful face looking back at us.

You will be missed at the doggy park where you loved to go the past month, but you have the biggest doggy park of all now, so enjoy it baby girl and be free to run like you loved to run here. I have such a void in my heart for you two beautiful German Shepherds. Wou two can never be replaced because you are the foundation of this family, like I said to Dad I had two big beautiful dogs and now they are gone,, BUT WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN EVER.

Zoey as I sit here and write this with the tears streaming down my face, I just keep asking myself why, why why,,,you were so young and we still had so much to do, and it hurts. I will write more in a day or so right now my heart is aching so bad. I miss you both so much please just give me some kind of sign that you 2 are okay that will help me a great deal…We love and miss you soooo much; I have not made it to your grave site yet as it is still too hard for me to do. Love you dodo monster.


With big hugs and kisses,
Bonnie and Dan Neaves