Zuess by Mike & Stacey Seeley

Zuess came into our lives almost a year and a half ago. Tho it felt like forever he had been apart of our family. Zuess, daddy loved you very much, you helped him heal from a wound he never thought could be repaired by another..the times you shared will always be
cherished in our hearts forever.

We watched you grow from a cute little wabbly and clumsy pup to a big lovable bear with a face only a mother could love..And yes Zuess momma loves you. To our great protector to our fun loving entertainer you touched our lives deeply.

To know that you may have suffered in your final hours is a pain that we will carry forever but yet we will remember your big goofy face forever and how you made us smile so many times.

Forever in our Hearts
Zuess Love,

Daddy, Mommy,
Chrissy & Nevada


Mike & Stacey Seeley