Airel by Amanda Miller / Mommy Amanda and Daddy George And your sister Princess

Hi my name is Amanda and I had the best little girl ever; her name was Airel and she was my baby. I got her for Chrismas of the year 07 and as soon as I seen her I knew that she was mine and we brought her home and we loved her all up and she loved to play with this little green toy we got her for like 2.00 dollars at Walmart and she loved it so much. That ever night before we went to bed we had to hide the toy from her because she loved to make it squeak all the time and any kind of toy we got her that was like a dollar or so she loved it and she whould lay in bed with me all day and she slept on my side of the bed right tight up next to me and when ever I was laying on the bed on my back she would lay on her back and if I layed on my side she would lay just like I did and she loved to get belly rubs and she loved to go in the car and she just loved to lay around the house and lay on the bed and where ever she could get onto and one day she was sick and me and my aunt took her to the vet and we got her back to the room and she was acting real funny so I went out to get the vet and we came back and she was gone.

She had died right after I went out to get her some help and my hubby knew that she was going to die because my other dog we have sat in my chair and howled and my hubby said he know what was going to happend and I called him and told him and we both cried and we both really miss her so much.

She was very fat and over weight and we were trying to get her to loss weight and we were too late and the other dog we have she would not eat her dog food for days and Airlel and Princess where best friends and when we got a new puppy after Airel passed away, Princess stared to eat her dog food again and we know that Princess missed her sister. Princess is a Jack Russel Beagle mix and Airlel was a pure Beagle and we all really miss her so much. I think of her every day and very night. I have pics of her and I just can not let go of her. I know she is in a better place now and she is with god and the angels and I hope she is always looking down on us and we just really miss her so much; she was one of a kind of little girl. I do not ever think of her as a dog she is a little girl; she was only 2 in half years old and I just can never forget her and she is always on my mind and I just wnat to say to my little girl mommy and daddy and Sisie miss you so much baby girl. You are always in all of are hearts and we will never forget you ever and maybe some day we will meet up again in heaven. Me, you, daddy and Sisie we will meet you someday baby girl.

We all love you. Mommy, Daddy, Cindy, Pappy and Sisie all miss you so much and you will always be in are hearts. Love you baby girl. Love your mommy and daddy and Siser, Princess and Bella loves you, too. We all love and miss you very much. I love you always, mommy.


Airel, Mommy and Daddy will always love you and
we miss you so very much.
Amanda Miller