AJ by Jill Gabridge / Mommy

As I sit here trying to write my story my eyes are filled with tears. The thought of writing this seems so final maybe I am still in denial I just don’t know how to except this loss. A part of my heart is gone and
it will never return!

Aj has been my best friend since the day I brought him home from the dog pound in April 1996! A tiny white cat with one grey spot on his head! Aj grew into this very large 20lb long hair all white cat the grey spot disappeared as he got larger! His personality was like no other cat I had ever seen. He spent endless hours following me around talking as though I understood him. There was this special connection. He was my best friend. We slept together every night, if I took a bath he laid on the side of the tub, if I was cooking he was right at my feet. There is not a memory in the last nine years that does not involve him!

Aj got sick last year and after a trip to the vet he was diagnosed with Feline Urological Syndrome. After 14 days in the hospital he was home and doing well! Aj was on a strict diet and I knew all the signs to look for if he started having trouble again.

All had been well until last night. I came in after working in the yard last night and my husband asked if there was something wrong with AJ because he had been laying in the bathroom all day. This was not unusual because of AJ’s size he liked the coolness of the bathroom floor. So I walked in and said “Hey Aj what’s up?” he did even cry and I knew right then something was wrong! It was to late to go to the vet so I said we would go first thing in the morning. I picked Aj up and went and laid on the couch and never once did he meow. After a short time he did not want to be held anymore and he jumped off and headed to the bathroom and I could see he was getting worse because he was having trouble walking. So I spent all night getting up checking on him and trying to stimulate him so he would make it through the night so we could get to the vet. I took a nap and got up at 5 am this morning and went in to get him. I wrapped him in a blanket and brought him to the couch with me. He laid there so lifeless and it was then I knew I was losing him for sure. He looked me in the eyes and let out 3 meows so I knew he was in pain laying on me. So I took him back to the bathroom because he seemed comfortable there. I kept thinking just a couple more hours and the vet will be open. I fell back asleep only to wake up at 7 am and my husband was standing there. I just knew it was over! I ran into the bathroom and Aj layed lifeless!

I held him for a couple of hours trying to take in every moment I could and I finally laid him to rest in my rose garden. I made him a beautiful cross grave marker with a picture of him on it! I don’t know how I will get through this but I do know I was lucky to have 9 wonderful years with him! Although he showed no signs of problems with the FUS I know that is what brought us to this day! But I think AJ showed no signs because he did not want me to worry! He is forever Loved and Missed!


Forever living in my Heart,
Jill Gabridge