March 2001 —– This is Our New Baby

Grey & White Tabby Cat

We have a new member to our family.

She is a grey & white 6 month old tabby cat named Angel.

We got her through the Angel’s Wish Animal Rescue.

What a wonderful little kitten she is!

At first she was very shy & jumpy to any unusual noises,

but now has become

accustomed to the familiar sounds.

Our cat Tiger before her would not set on Bud’s lap

but Angel loves to nestle close to him.

She loves to get brushed sleeps with us and

can even ride in the car without getting sick.

In fact we think she likes to watch the scenery as we ride.

She has developed quite a personality!

We are hoping to enjoy our little one for a very long time!

Her new Dad & Mom

Bud & Norma