Apollo by Tamara / Tammy

Today I laid my wonderful dog, Apollo, to rest. Not only was he my best friend but he helped me to get where I am. I delivered Apollo at birth and he has been my shadow since then. I was 16 when Apollo came into my life, he got me through high school and then traveled with me from one seasonal resort job to the next. We traveled all over and if Apollo hadn’t been with me I don’t think I would have had the strength to leave my friends and family behind to follow my career path.

When I was homesick he was there to comfort me, when an intruder tried to break into my house he scared him away, and when a break up got me down he was thereto show me his unconditional love.
I know that Apollo was sent to me to get me through the tough years and in the end I was there to relieve his suffering. I can’t imagine being without him. His registered name is “Best of the Best” and
he truly lived up to it.


Always in my heart,