Arthur by Ann / Mom and Dad

I just recently lost my beloved cat Arthur. Only 2 1/2. He was the love of my life. I’m feeling every emotion that’s been written about. Depression, emptiness, anger, guilt etc. MY story is true. The timing was uncanning. Arthur lived with my boyfriend. The day I took his ashes to my home, I held the bundle to my chest where he loved to snoozed. I cried, as I have been everyday for a month now.

I said I’m never going to pet you, or hear your meow, or purr again. I begged for sign that I made the right decision, that he wasn’t mad that he hears me, that he’s with me. Come to me in a dream or something. Well, the next a.m. My niece’s cat that I’m housing right now got into a fight with a neighbor’s cat. I opend the front door and looked to the left.

The cat saw me and took off. I knew Piper was in that area, but for some reason, I went out and walked to the right to the back yard. I had no reason to do this. But at the end of the yard was a cat that looked just like Arthur. I stated to shake and cry. It came to me whereas all the others run. I had never seen this cat before. It meowed, purred and wrapped his tail around my leg just like Arthur use to. I ran in the house to get my camera. Later I went back in to get it some food, but it was gone and I haven’t seen him since. That was weeks ago.

My coworkers saw the photos next to photos of Arthur and were speechless. They all said it was definitely a sign from him, you should be happy. But instead I couldn’t help but feel more sad. And I figured out why. That was his way of saying goodbye. You were taken from us too soon my poops. You were so beautiful, smart, and happy. I haven’t seen a cat that loved life like you did.

I will treasure the bond we had forever. The hurt of losing you will never go away. Your in my head 24 7 and somedays it just doesn’t seem real that your now a memory. One that will never be forgotten. I long for the day I can speak of you without any tears.


Forever in our Hearts,