OZZY by Georgia / Mom

I Got Ozzy from a friend of mine and he was a
real cool bird. As soon as I saw him and started talking to him he would come and sit listen to what I was saying my friend had asked me if I would be interested in taking him home I said yes never, thought that we would get as close as we did. He got his name because we would sit and watch the Detroit Red Wings. It was kinda funny I brought him home and put him in his New cage and I would find him out of the cage when I came home from work so I eventually had to tape the feeder openings shut with duct tape. When I was home he would sit on my should and get mad if I was typing on the computer or talking on the phone he’d literly bite me what a monster. If I fell asleep on the couch he’d stand on my chest or on the top of the couch if I was moving to much. I say to him We going watch the Wings tonight Ozzy and he would run back and fourth on his pearch till opened the door and he would be right on my shoulder. We would take our shower he would walk around the floor of the shower and loved the water I would pick him up and he had his own towel I would wrap him in it and he would just stay in it as long as I was holding him in it he was happy.

I had him about three years and that was the best time of my life. He was my buddy and baby. It was a summer day I had picked up a friend of mines Son and we were going to a baseball game at Co’merica Park in Detroit the next day and I came home and he was sitting at the bottom of his cage. I knew something was wrong he did not look well I called the vet and was told I would have to drive about 30 miles to see a vet that worked with bird and I tried what he told me to do unfornitaly he died in my hand I cried so hard that night I had lost my Hockey Buddy. I have never gotten another Bird I have never fallen in love one
like I did My OZZY bird.


Ozzy Baby all always Love you,