It has been almost 10 years. I miss you like it was yesterday. You know what is going on because you do check in now and then. What do you think of Gracie Mae now? Thank you for leading us to her. She is a sweet little dog who truly needed a family.

Daphne will be joining you soon. She is very ill and just bones. How blessed I was to have a soulmate dog AND cat! If you can, please help her transition. You were so tolerant of her when she came. I do not think there will ever be another cat with her calm and sweet disposition. She came in 2005 and you left in 2009. Here we are 10 years later. I gave her a kiss to give to you so do what you can to help her.

Once again my heart hurts.

love, Shirley



Goodbye Daphne. You will be remembered always. You quietly buried yourself deep in our hearts. You were an amazing spirit. You took everything in stride, never complaining. You loved chicken, listening to book stories, and roaming around outside (until you became too old). Most of all, you loved Berlyn. I mean LOVED! It was as if she was the one you had been patiently waiting for.  She became your reason. You stayed by her side and slept with her most nights. You raised her well. I know she will make you proud.  Berlyn stayed with you to the end, despite her grief at losing her best friend. Do not worry, Berlyn will be ok. You were a very wise cat from a kitten to an old lady. We thank God for you.
Rest In Peace, you amazing gift from God,…then run like the wind until we meet again.


Six months today and I miss you every moment. thank you, Best Friend, for the signs you send. I know that one day we will be together again, because somehow, I think we always have been. That first month was a blur. All I did was sit, cry, and visit your grave. The pain was so great, it felt that my heart was being crushed. After you left this world that day, I washed your food bowl, one last time, in a daze. One night soon after, I awoke to feel the form of a body lying close to me, holding me, I knew it was you, in a different form.

I do not know if you will return again to this earthly sphere, but I will recognize you if you do. I thank God every day for sending you to me, in the form of a little mixed beagle dog. Sometimes the pain is so fresh. I look into your yard and remember how you loved it and try to imagine you still there.

I visit this site often and say a prayer for those whose hearts are also breaking. We all know that we will see our loved one again. Well…I will continue to put one foot in front of the other, with you in my heart, and face the challenges that life keeps giving me.
You would expect nothing less.




My dearest soulmate (My Gal Val)-
I think you were a beagle mix. You came to me only to love me. You and I got a lot of exercise every day looking for each other in the house if more than 20 minutes passed, without us knowing where the other was.

We initially found one another on February 13, 2002. I named you in honor of Valentine’s Day. It was a cold and rainy day (you hated to be cold and wet). You spoke to me with your eyes and it felt that we had always known one another.I picked you up and fell in love. The Vet said that you could be anywhere from 2-7 years old. I think now that you were probably even older, even though you looked like a puppy until up to a year ago.

You hated thunderstorms, being left behind, and getting your teeth cleaned. You loved me, being clean, Petco, and food. You barked only about 6 times in all these years and instead spoke to me with your eyes when you needed something. You were a sensitive and gentle soul who promised to be the one to take me to the light when my time comes.

Val, I learned SO much from you. I hope to honor your love. At the end, when the Vet came to your favorite spot in the house to euthanize you because of the pain of inoperable thyroid cancer, the birds all gathered in the window to say goodbye. A tear fell from one of your eyes because you knew how sad I would be. What a blessing to have experienced that kind of love. I hope that I made you as happy as you made me. I’ll remember that love, that joy, our trips together, the fur between your paws, your happiness at just watching a butterfly flutter about in your beloved yard with the Redwood trees, caring for Grandma, welcoming Mijo, and helping to heal “E” who was in therapy with me because of neglect,and being with me when I found Justina’s body. When life got tough, your eyes said, “Its OK Shirley, I’m with you”.

Our hearts are connected. Everyone could see that. I will forever miss the soothing sounds of your nails on the floor, the jangle of your collar, and your snoring at night. I am so lonely, but know that we will forever be connected. Check on me now and then. You are buried in my heart.