Baby Bob by Tamra Tia & Timmy


"Baby Bob"

May 1998 ----- December 1999



In Remembrance of Baby Bob


"The Little Cat Angel"


The ghost of a little white kitten

Crying mournfully early and late,

Distracted St. Peter the watchman,

As he guarded the heavenly gate.

"Say what do you mean," said his saintship,

"Coming here and behaving like that?"

"I want to see Nellie my missus,"

Sobbed the wee little ghost of a cat.

"I know she's not happy without me,

Won't you open and let me go in?"

"Begone," gasped the horrified watchman,

"Why the very idea is a sin;

I open the gate to good angels,

Not to stray little beggars like you."

"All right," mewed the little white kitten,

"Though a cat I'm a good angel too."

Amazed at so bold an assertion,

But aware that he must make no mistake,

In silence St. Peter long pondered,

For his name and repute were at stake,

Then placing the cat in his bosom

With a "Whist now and say all your prayers,"

He opened the heavenly portals

And ascended the bright golden stairs.

A little girl angel came flying,

"That's my kitty St. Peter," she cried.

And seeing the joy of their meeting,

Peter let the cat angel abide.

This tale is the tale of a kitten

Dwelling now with the blessed above,

It vanquished grim Death and High Heaven

For the name of the kitten was Love.

By Leontine Stanfield


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Baby Bob
Tamra Tia & Timmy