Woodstock by Phyllis



October 26 1999



"I might be back for lunch," he said

As he wandered off behind the shed

A friendly cat of gray and white

He'd just stopped by to grab a bite.


He might stay gone for a day or two

Where he went we never knew

It was hard to watch him leave each day

Finally we decided he should just stay.


We named him Woodstock

Because his choice for a bed

Seemed to be the woodpile

Stacked beside our shed.


He moved indoors with the other seven

He must have thought it was kitty-cat heaven

With toys and perches and lots of food

And someone to play with whatever your mood.


Our young man grew handsome and strong

His time with us would not be long

He gave us joy and laughter and love

Until he was called by God above.


He's crossed the Rainbow Bridge to wait

For he will be there at the gate

When I am called by the man above

To reunite with those I love.



Woodstock died of cancer at age 3.

He is sadly missed by his human family

and his brother and sister cat family.