Baby by Estella Cardona / Mommy ,Daddy, Eric, Richie and Nina (the doggie)

We adopted her from a newspaper ad that caught my attention. “The vet says we have leukemia, but we are feeling fine! Need a lap to lay on before the long nap” We adopted my Baby cat that day! The most adorable little calico kitty with beautiful markings! We spoiled her rotten up until the day she fell ill. 10 months later. The illness came kind of sudden. Not like I had heard it would be. (long and painful) She ate less and slept more. She became pale and even her pink little nose looked white as well as her gums and little paws.

She looked so tired and sad and very weak. I felt so helpless. I was afraid to take her to the vet because I didn’t want to hear that she was already ill. She was my little Baby. How was I going to get through it, not having her following us around? Not hearing her sweet meows and purrs? Not visiting us in the bathroom or jumping on the bed and scaring my husband as he slept? Not waking up to her walking on my stomach and chest in the early morning to nuzzle under my chin, letting me know it was time to wake up? All these thoughts came racing in my head.

The inevitable proved to be true. She hardly had anymore red blood cells and the leukemia was attacking her bone marrow. It was clear to me that the disease had started to take its toll on her. It was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in my life. We loved her so much.

I knew I had to make the right decision, for her, not for us. My son Richie and I wanted to be present with the vet as she slipped away so that we would be the last thing she saw. Our hearts broke as she took her last breath. We sobbed all the way home and later, buried her in our backyard. We miss you so much Mija. We will always love you Baby and we will never forget you!


Thank you Lord for the blessing of Baby!
We love you so much,
Estella Cardona