Nikita by Nikki / Your best friend Nikki

I had wanted a husky for as long as I could remember. In 2000 my wish came true. I bought my first siberian husky and named her Nikita. She was nothing but a joy to have around. I took her to obediance classes and she turned out to be a well trained dog (which is very rare for a husky!) I took her dog sledding and she immediately became a pro! We went on many dogsledding adventures throughout the 2 years that she lived. She loved to dance on her hind legs to rock music and cuddle up with her best friend Rollie (who happened to be a cat!) We went on a few vacations together and I had to make sure she didn’t run off with the coyotes. You see, she loved to run, as all Siberians do. In the end…it got her killed.

Nikita was my dog,
She wasn’t even two,
She was spoiled with the leftovers,
Even the stew,
She barked at everything that made a sound,
Even the insects on the ground,
She chased the squirrel up the tree,
And snapped in the air at a bumble bee,
She chased coyotes till she lost her breath,
It even led her to her death,
She was hit by a car just a while ago,
All I can say is that I miss her so!

One day I decided to take Nikita dogsledding as usual. We were far out on the trail when a blizzard broke out. The snow was so thick that it was hard to see anything, but she kept on going. We were going pretty fast but then, all of a sudden…the sled hit a tree that fell down in the middle of the trail. It was so unexpected to have a log in the middle of the trail that I flew off the sled and hit my knee really hard. I could hardly move my leg. I thought Nikita would keep on running down the trail, but she didn’t. She stopped immediately and actually helped me back onto the sled. Then, without me steering the sled along, she took me back to our house. I guess you could say she saved my life. If she hadn’t have rescued me I would have froze to death because I couldn’t get up. She was a remarkable dog and I owe her my life! I miss you Nikita and I will never forget you!


You will never be forgotten,