July 23 1993 —- Sept. 9 2000

Cocker Spaniel

I can still remember the day that I got Bailey it seems

like it was only yesterday. My husband and I went out to look at these

cockers that were in the newspaper I wanted a specific Cocker

Black female no curls.

Bailey was so persistent he followed me around as much as I pushed him

away he continued to follow me and so the story is I brought him home.

He was smart loving and wanting to please me in anyway that he could.

What a character he was. His most favorite thing that he did that always

made me giggle no matter what kind of mood I was in is he would put his

head on the cushion of the couch stick only the tip of his tongue out

and look at me as if to say “pick me up mom I love you”

I remember how much he liked ice cubes he always had to have

an ice cube he even drank my Kahlua and milk trying to get to an

ice cube I was so mad at him. My fondest memory is how he

snuggled with me when I had the shingles.

He never left my side he laid in bed with me with his

head nestled in between my neck.

Bailey I miss you but you are free of pain my heart is empty

but your memories are strong.

Love you always.