Baloo by Pye


" Baloo "

July 1992 ---- March 1997


My hands need to feel your smooth fur once more

I need to wake and find you stretched against me again

I want to see your black face gazing at me with love

I need to hear your complaints just once more.

My ears need to hear you galloping up the stairs again


But once more would not be enough would it?

Do you feel my gut tearing heart wrenching pain

From where you are,

Do you know how much I miss you?

Do you know what a huge empty hole you left

when you went away?


I know you are happy

and playing in the sun

No more sickness or pain

I know that you are just fine my precious baby

It is me that is crying

feeling like I'm dying

Without you.


People do not understand

"It was only a cat" they say

No you were not only a cat

You were my friend my soul mate my comfort and joy

When I stroked you I was healed from this world


You loved me "second best"

For you were after all Robbie's cat,

But I loved you best

That bond cannot be broken even now that I am so very alone

You made me feel that as long as you were in my life

Everything would always be all right.


Did you see the inscription in Robbie's bible

"Baloo - miss you"

Be happy baby angel

And wait for me…………..



Lynn Pye

October 18th 1998