BEAR by Chantel, Darryl, Mommy and Daddy / Chantel, Darryl, Mommy and Daddy

Bear was the most amazing dog I have ever known.
This boy had the most unique personality.
Bear was a great friend to the entire household
and will deeply be loved by everyone as well.
Bear had passed on because of cancer,
and evil thing that even takes us human beings.
The day my mother father and I took Bear to the vets to be put down ..
he could no longer walk…
we had to carry him in a blanket into the truck.
Myself stayed with him in the back
and just held, cried and talk to him the entire way
telling him everything was going to be better
and that I would see him soon to run all over with him..
The look on his face in the air with the wind blowing
and the sun shining and the huge smile on his face was something, a picture that I’ll never forget.
I held Bear in my arms and
MY mom lied his head in her chest in the truck
while the vet was injecting.
I cried even harder until
I felt his last heart beat and
heard his last breath of air.
Then I just smiled knowing he was in a better place now.

What was the best thing for our family tho
was we were waiting weeks for our lillies to open up
and for some reason they just would not…
well the day before he went down we came home and lillie 1 was open …
then the next day lille 2 was opened
then day 3 the day he went to be cremated the last two lillies open…
I know, Bear, that it was all you
and your way of just showing me how many new beginnings there are.

You are deeply missed baby Bear and you will never be forgotten…
I love you, hunny…
I promise I’ll be there we all will be to run all over with you.


We will forever love you baby Bear
Chantel, Darryl, Mommy and Daddy