Bear by Tanya



February 10 1986 ----- June 1 2000


I’ll take the first one who chews on my laces,

since it’s so hard to choose among all these sweet faces."

You bounded right up and grabbed onto my string,

So I bent down to love you such a sweet little thing.

I pondered and spoke "Your name shall be Bear."

Not knowing right then the life that we’d share.

Through good times and bad you’ve stood by my side,

My silent friend whom I’d always confide.

Your sweetness you’d share to all that came near.

They’d love you and hug you and say "What a dear!"

An angel from heaven my cherished gift from above,

How could I thank you for such a treasure of love?

Through my darkest days and all my numerous fears,

You would gently and kindly kiss away all my tears.

When things were too much and my heart was in pain

You would be silent and present and nuzzle me sane.

I rose above all with you by my side.

I’d look at you lovingly and sprinkled with pride.

You are silly and happy and overwhelmed with sheer joy,

For my happiness you cared for my faithful old boy

Well some years have now passed; your walk has slowed down.

It’s my turn to be there to help you around.

Your face has grown gentle from the passing of time.

I am so thankful to God that you have been mine.

Your time has now come and I have you so near.

I hold you and whisper "You have nothing to fear.

For I will be with you right down to the end,

Because you are my very my very best friend."

Yes I will be with you as you were for me.

I’ll be as strong as I can while you are set free.

Goodbye my sweet pal off to the bridge you do go,

To be young and be healthy as you were years ago.

My sorrow is deep your love nothing replaces

I’d give my whole world

To see you chew on my laces.