Bear Krahn by Carrie / See you in Heaven Bear…

I was a graduating senior in school and gave my mom a lot of crap throughout the years. The year I graduated I gave her a lifelong bestfriend and companion named Bear. Bear came into my moms life and captured her heart and her life and everything. Me and my sister still say she always loved her the most. My mom has gone through a lot in her life and Bear has been with her. Bear past away and left a beautiful memory and love with my mom. I know for me Bear was the greatest thing I ever gave my mom other than just loving her. And for Bear she will be remembered as a friend, a daughter and a loved little dog that meant the world to my mom. In her memory my mom is going to take her spirit in heart and save a shelter dog in her name.

My mom is the strongest person I have ever met in my life and I just wanted her to know how much I love her and am so sorry for Bear.. She will always be in our hearts and she is prayed for and missed everyday.


I love you, Mom..
Bear Krahn