Beethoven3 by Peggy and Ed Thornsberry

Hello Beethoven:

This story is about the love and
happinesss you gave to Mommy and Daddy.

You were born on April 18, 1996.
When you and your brother Cookie came
to live with us you were 10 weeks old.
We brought you and Cookie home on July 1, 1996.

Judy (Breeder)told us to
bring with us any furbabies we had,
you all could socialize together.
We brought Tippy with us,
she is a Chow/Lab mix.
A lot smaller than you big guys.
You all took to each other right away.
She became your new Fur Mommy.
After about an hour or so.
Getting papers filled out.
We put you all in the van.
There was a couch in the van,
you got on one end and Cookie
the other, Tippy laid in the middle,
so she could take care of you.

We had plenty of cool water
for you all to drink as
we had a long way to go.
We arrived home, you and Cookie
had lots of things to explore and check out.
Daddy showed you where
your food and water was,
that there would always be
fresh food and fresh water.
He showed you the doggie doors,
so you would be able to go and
come whenever you wanted.
There is a fence around the yard,
so you all would be safe.

Daddy taught you that you could only
let Mommy and Daddy feed you,
that Mommy was the only one
who would give you treats.
That was to insure no one could
harm you with food or treats.

You and Cookie enjoyed your lives,
having fun doing Doggie things.
Judy wanted you and Cookie
to prepare for Conformation,
you were about 7 months old.
You and Cookie learned
the proper way to walk, set, heel and stand.
Time came for Conformation.
You developed a limp,
Judy decided not to let you compete,
she didn’t want you to be uncomfortable.
The Judge wouldn’t let Cookie show,
his tail curled up over his back.
Judge said “Saint Bernards tails
don’t curl over their back”.
We just laid around and watched
the other Saints do their thing.

When you and Cookie were about 3 years old
a new Furbaby came to live with us,
he was 18months old.
Part Lab/part Saint.
Daddy rescued him from a very mean man.
He was all black except
for white paws and white on his chest..
We named him ChewChew.
You all had fun playing together.

Shortly after this you developed seisures.
Daddy took you to the Dr.
Dr. Moffett wanted to keep you
for a few days to make
sure your seizures were under control.
While you were there
the staff spoiled you rotten.

You came home with meds to be taken
twice a day.
Daddy gave you your meds
in peanut butter sandwichs or butter
and bread sandwichs.
Daddy being the nice person he is,
would always give treats
to the other furbabies
when it was time for your meds..
Life went on uneventful for you all,
playing in your pool, digging holes,
running and jumping around,
barking at the mailman and others,
just doing doggie things.

Just before your 6th birthday
you developed an abscess
on your right rear paw.
This happend in the evening time.
Mommy packed your paw in ice.
Daddy took you to Dr. Balch
the next morning.
Dr. Balch said mommy did
the right thing.
Dr. Balch gave you some antibiotics and
kept you overnight.
She wanted to work on your paw
the next day. You always enjoyed staying
overnight at the Hospital.
They liked you being there.
They didn’t get big doggies
like you and Cookie very often.
They loved having you there.

The next morning Dr. Balch worked
on your paw, kept you a few days
and you came home, more antibiotics.
Daddy changed your bandage twice a day.
He even put a sock of his
on your paw to try and keep it clean.
The abscess developed in the middle part
of March, 2002. This nasty abscess wouldn’t heal.
The middle of April you went back
to the hospital.
Dr.Balch,, Dr. Moffett and Dr. Freeman
decided to keep you and see
what developed.
While you were there,
the Drs. and Tech staff
that worked nights and weekends
brought their kids in to play with you.
They nicknamed you “Big Puppy”.
On May 2nd. the staff had you out
in the evening for some exercise.
They noticed you were limping
on your left rear leg.
They immediately X-Rayed your leg.
They were devastated when
they saw the X-Ray.
You had the BIG “C” Osteosarcoma,
the deadliest of Cancers.

We received the news the next morning.
All three Drs. told us the options,
they weren’t very good.
Amputation would only relieve the pain.
Radiation would only relieve the pain.
Chemo wasn’t an option as the Cancer
had already spread to far.
They said you had 11 – 24 weeks.
Bring you home and give you pain meds
We brought you home with pain meds,
antibiotics, and your seizure meds.

I immediately got on the internet
to research this horrid,
horrid disease that was stealing
the life of our Beethoven.
The results were the same
as what the Drs. had told us.

I also found Canine Bone Cancer Group
on Yahoo. I immediately joined
this very nice group and found that
I wasn’t alone.
Everyone was fighting
an unbelievable battle.
I went to the health food store and
got you Flaxsed Oil, COQ10, Vitamin E,
and a Stress Pain Management.
This I gave you in Cottage Cheese.
You tried eating it and kept getting
the Cottage Cheese in your nose.
I spoon fed you 4 times a day.
You really liked that.
I would have gladly spoonfed you
100 times a day
if it would have saved your life.

Somedays everything would be fine
other days you were very sick,
it was a monumental rollercoaster ride.
On Sunday June 30th. you took a turn
for the worse. I got a hold of Judy,
told her what was going on,
she said to let her know when and
what time to be at the hospital.
I talked to Dr. Balch
on Monday morning and she said
“she would send the “Doggie Ambulance
for you as sooon as she could,
they were out doing pickups”.

While we waited, Daddy and I kept
you covered in cool wet towels
to try to make you feel better.
The ambulance came around 4P.M..
The Techs that came were your friends,
they handled you with
every kindness possible.
They took you to the Hospital.
The techs prepared you and brought
you into the examining room.

Judy, Daddy and I were there with you
telling you how much we loved you and
going to miss you.
Judy thought you were just gorgeous,
she hadn’t seen you for a long time.
In a few minutes Dr. Balch and her assistant
came in to give you the meds
to relieve your horrid pain and
make you a “Big Puppy” again,
playing and running with your friends.
The time was 4:55P.M. July 01, 2002,
as you went to Rainbowsbridge.

Daddy, Judy and I stayed with you
after you went to Rainbowsbridge.
In as little while I went
with one of the Techs to pick out
an Urn for you. It is a Red Fire Hydrant,
it will have your picture on it.
The staff also did a Paw Print for us.

We Miss you very much, and
Love you very much.
We know you are no longer in pain.
I’m sure you have met up
with Samson, Chocolate, Diesel and
all the other Furbabies
who have gone before you.
Having a good time just doing Doggie things.

Cookie has been doing
a good job of taking care of everyone.
He comes and checks on me and
makes sure I am okay.
He checks on Daddy,
to make sure he is doing okay.

I did not plan on you leaving us
at such a young age.
You and Cookie were 6 years old
on April 18, 2002.
You would have been
with us 6 years July 04, 2002.

The years we had with you
were very wonderful.
They did not last long enough.
We cherish every moment
you were with us.

When I came to Judy’s house
to get a Saint Bernard, I wasn’t looking for Champion Pedigree,
nor was I looking
for a Movie Celebrity background.
I received more than I bargained for.
We had 2 wonderful Puppies,
who grew up to be very wonderful Furbabies.

Your sister Prissy
had a litter of puppies on
July 13, 2002.
She is up in Wyoming.
Judy is bringing her and
one of the puppies back to Arizona.
Judy is retiring Prissy,
she will only let her females
have 2 litters in 6 years.
The puppy she is bringing home
is a little girl.
She won’t be able to show her,
she had to have her tailed docked.
Her tail got smushed so badly
that the Dr., said “to remove it”.

When she is old enough
to have Furbabies, Judy will breed her.
It is a shame you didn’t live
to see your little sister.
You haven’t seen her
since you and Cookie came
to live with us.

Beethoven, we miss you so much and
love you so very, very much.
Mommy has made
several Memorials to you.
It seems to help with the pain,
when I write about you.
I know that someday Daddy and
I will join you in Heaven,
and we can all be a big family again.

Just thought I would let you know,
the same couch is still
in the same van that you and Cookie
liked to lay on when you went
for a ride or had to go to the Dr.
I will close for now sending you
Much Love from
Cookie, ChewChew, Furgy,
Tippy, Daddy and Mommy.

We Love You and Miss You so very much.
I know you are taking care
of all the FurBabies at Rainbowsbridge,
making sure they are having a goodtime.

I have 2 T-Shirts that have very cute
sayings on them.
I would like to share them with you.
Hope you enjoy them.

“The Keg Around My Neck”
“The Keg around my neck
some would say,
Holds rye for the snow bounded stray,
In fact since you ask,
What’s inside this cask,
Is my 2 percent cafe~au~lait~.”

“Piddle and Spittle”
“Courageous and kind, never faint.
No hardship inspires complaint,
Except for a little of piddling spittle.
I’m hundreds of pounds of Pure Saint.”


We Love You and Miss You.

Daddy , Mommy and
all the Furbabies.


Peggy and Ed Thornsberry