Hugo by Stella

My dad bought me a bird for Christmas one year. I named him Hugo. Hugo was a green parkeet that I got at Pets Mart. He liked to ride on Bootsie’s (our dog) head. Boots was scared of him. Hugo liked to be held ver much and I brought him to school for a week once. When I moved to my aunt’s house my dad said we could hang outside on the porch. But I disagreed, because it was Winter and I thought he would get too cold. But my dad put him out anyhow. Hugo got scared by a cat,
or the cold killed him.

One day when my aunt’s friend was looking at my birds she asked why the little green one was on the cag bottem. I went to look and Hugo was dead. I carried his soft little body into teh front yard and burried him by a patch of pink flowers. Hugo was a sweet little bird and I’ll always remember the time he pooped on my dad’s head.

I loved Hugo so much, I made him a tile with a picture I drew on It with the words Hugo I love You on it. I put three rocks over his hole after I covered him with dirt. Later when I had made the tile from Earthtones my friend’s dad’s work I put the tile in teh place of the rocks. I will always honor Hugo and think good thoughts about him in Birdie Heaven.

Best wishes and love,