Beezer by Richard & Gail Dion / Beezer

A Friend Came To Live With Us

When a friend came to live with us, little did we know
How much that friendship and love for him would grow.
How attached we’d become, in just a short time
He became part of our family and a friend of the best kind.

You see he just needed a pat or maybe a treat
From whomever he would chance to meet
He wagged his tail, that’s his way to greet
But barked when he heard something
strange from the street.

He’d follow without tiring at your side
When he thought you were settled he would lie
But if you moved, up he’d get right by your side
Waiting for you to be his guide.

He’d chase the mail truck without fail
Bark and bark and wag his tail.
The UPS driver was sure to be chased
He knew the sounds, he flew with haste.

His daily walks were something he looked forward to
Once in the morning with his mom and maybe a snack or two
Again at early evening another stroll maybe see a friend
Late night walks with his dad, snacks would
be waiting at the end.

His yard was his domain. He roamed it from end to end.
He knew who was nice and he knew who was not a friend.
Once in a while a friendly neighbor would stop and
give him a bone.
His name was Beezer and he was part of our home.

He’s happy now and not with pain.
We miss him lots, it’s not the same.
Maybe he playing with his doggy friends
And thinks of us and wags his tail and hopes our pain ends.


We Love You,
14, July 2003
Richard & Gail Dion