Belle by Katie / Mommy

Well everyday Belle and mine’s favorite thing to do was watch Gilmore Girls. So one evening my mom was taping us watching it because everyone got a kick out of it. Well the episode “Raincoats and Recipes” hide the surprise we knew was going to happen. When Luke and Lorlai kissed, Belle hit my hand with her hoof. I screamed Yea! and we where sitting there looking at each other with amazement. Well after that we went outside. We walked to the creek and I was sitting on a log. One by one I would throw rocks in the creek. She made a monster jump into the creek splattering mud on me. She looked at me and took off through the water. As I turned around to look at her she come around beside me and pushed me into the creek. Then the next day we got a ram. Of course we both went to investigate the ram.

Then a week later the ram got sick. After the ram died Belle and me could feel something bad was going to happen. Well Belle come down sick and I spent all of my time making her comfortable. For two months I struggled with school work and keeping Belle happy.

Then one day during Gilmore Girls Belle looked at me with a look that said I am cold. I covered her up again and hugged her tight. Then I noticed they where showing one of Belle’s Favorite episodes. Then I felt Belle kick and then she went cold. Cold Panic shot through my heart. I looked at her and then I could feel her cold body. I started to cry I knew that her last moments had been spent well through the pain.

The pain and grief was so bad my A in math dropped to a F and I felt like Life had stopped. I carried the pain everywhere. I kept the necklace Belle had found in the creek. I buried her under her favorite tree in the yard. Now the 10th of every month when I am watching Gilmore Girls I get a cold chill. Like Belle is still here with me.